Friday, January 31, 2014

Almost Done!

So the paleo challenge is almost done. Do I think I'm going to win the competition? Not a chance. I've completely gone rogue now. Sure I've still be relatively "healthy" but let's just say there have been some very non-paleo things on my plate as of late.
     I'm a little disappointed I couldn't stick to strict paleo for the full 30 days but I'm going to try and not beat myself up about it. I still tried to make better choices and limit my junk which is all I really set out to do in the first place.
     I've also been a total slacker on getting my WOD on. Between the insanity that is school and Kenny's unbelievably annoying long work days niether of us has been particuarly stellar at getting our three days a week in at the box. We are hoping to really recommit for the month of February. I do miss working out, which is something I never thought I would say! It's a ton of fun and truthfully it is driving a little insane that I haven't worked out in so long. We have the family WOD tomorrow so I'm hoping we can use that as a little bit of a springboard to get back in there and really attack February with unparalleled fierceness.
     So the paleo challege really didn't go so well for me and truthfully I wasn't expecting anything less. I knew I would cave. I have terrible self control (have you seen the way I bite my nails?) and I love soda just a little too much. Like I said though, I limit the amount of junk quite a bit. I try to allow only one "cheat" for the day. So maybe that's a latte from Starbucks, a soda or a piece of candy. I've actually been really good about keeping to that rule. I think allowing myself to have that one free pass to have a treat each day makes keeping healthy the rest of the time much easier. I also value my cheat much more and I'm very picky about it. Sure I might really want that cookie but would I rather have the cookie now or maybe a bowl of ice cream after dinner. I only pick one when before I would probably choose both and probably a lot of other junk in between there too.
     A pretty big theme of paleo is doing what works for you. There are all kinds of ideas and opinions on what it truly paleo and what isn't but the thing I found the most was people saying: if it works for you then it's paelo. So I'm going to adopt that slogan and go with it. If eating the occasional bowl of pasta, some rice, cereal or having a sugary treat seems to work alright with my body then I'm going for it. The best I can do is try and so far so good. 

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