Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Paleo Challenge- Day 2

So, yesterday I started my 30 day paleo challenge. It is going pretty well for the most part. I drool over the sandwiches I make for Roxas, and longingly stare at the rice I make for Kenny of course.

One of the hardest things for me is finding things to eat at all and then keep me full. I want to eat like ALL. THE. TIME. I can eat what seems like forever and never be really full. Snacking is my main form of eating. Trying to sit down for an actual meal is about as likely as me winning the lottery around here. Sure I love all kinds of paleo snacks like almonds, or fruit, or eggs but I can eat a good $15 worth of almonds in one sitting and still be starving to death. I love fruit but all the sugar from snacking on fruit all the time isn't great. So, I'm trying to just get used to being hungry for now, and I'm hoping my body gets the message that it's not getting more and growling at me will not help. We really don't have the money to support my stomach's demands either. We receive WIC but unfortunately everything they give us, except eggs, is not paleo. I just spent $160 on food that I could go through in a few days really. So I am having to learn how to ration and control when I eat. I guess it's a good exercise in willpower.

Giving up the grains, sugar and (some) dairy has been easier than I thought though. Its only day two so we will see what kind of tune I'm singing in another week or so. I really don't miss my soda...yet. The grains like rice and pasta ate what I'm really missing the most because they are fast and convenient. I'm exhausted right now and there is a huge pile of dishes in my sink from making dinner last night. I really don't feel like making anything to eat because of that. Getting something delivered or popping a pot of pasta on the stove isn't an option anymore. So, one good thing about this is I'm being forced to eat healthy or don't eat at all. Unfortunately I'm just lazy enough that staying hungry is easier than cleaning and cooking. I have just enough energy to fix a grilled cheese for Roxas and Kenny but that's about it. I'm hoping I can get some new energy without grains bogging me down anymore.

I will check in later with another update.

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  1. Sounds difficult. Good luck. Grilled cheese, rice and pasta...yum! Dont know if I could do without that gor a month!