Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our Family WOD

     We had a great time at our family WOD this morning. Although we really didn't get much of a work out in we still had some fun. Roxas was pretty cranky and wasn't too happy about doing any of the workout moves. So, we just had fun goofing around with medicine balls, hanging on the bars and jumping on stuff. I think Roxas might have just been a bit overwhelmed with everything going on but by the end of it he was having a fun time. It was so cool seeing all of the parents having fun getting active with their kids. The kiddos were having a blast doing burpees, squats and bear crawls. It's awesome to see little ones so hyped up and excited to be doing physical activity.
     That's the awesome thing about crossfit, it makes working out pretty fun. It's a game to the kids, let's see who can do the most burpees or lets see who can run the fastest. Those are the kind of games kids should be playing, rather than sitting inside all the time and staring at a tv. Once Roxas gets a bit older I would like to try and get him to crossfit kids. Perhaps over the summer we will have enough time and energy, and Roxas won't be quite so overwhelmed with it all.

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