Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trying to Get Back on The Wagon

I haven't made a post on this blog for awhile...and that's mostly because I have just fallen off my wagon. Don't get me wrong here...I still LOVE my crossfit. It's actually driving me insane that I haven't gone to work out in what seems like an eternity. In reality though it has been far too long, and I have copped out on far too many excuses.

If I'm honest with myself I have been coming up with excuses as to why I haven't shown my face at the box in the past...well...let's not be that honest. It's been a long time, too long in fact. I've coped out saying my school schedule is insane (which is is) but I could honestly put forth a bit more of an effort to get my WOD on. I find myself just so exhausted that on my rare days off I just want to sit around and do nothing. Now that my parents are crossfitters too (and doing AWESOME by the way) I always hate dumping the kiddos on them before or after their own WOD just so I can go work out. If Lucy were more inclined to play happily in an exersaucer I would seriously consider bringing her and Roxas to just play in the "unsupervised child care room" at the box. Have I mentioned how good at excuse making I can be?

I know all of my reasons I haven't been to the box lately have some substance but if I am being truthful, brutally honest, with myself it's because I got lazy. I fell back into my old patterns. My eating has slipped (although not too much!), I've grown content in my sedentary ways again. I praise crossfit for how easy it is to make time for and I have managed to completely fail at walking my walk on that one. So I promise to jump back on my band wagon, knock it off with the excuses and get my (now) chubby butt back in that box.

Something another crossfiter told me just sticks out in my mind. I have given myself a really hard time on our WOD blog and she told me to never talk about myself like that again and all that matters is I showed up. Just showing up is winning, even if you end up with a DNF you still won. She told me look at everybody who is here, now think of every body who isn't here. Just being here is something.

I need to be there. Even if I'm cursing through doing 10 burpees or trying to catch my breath on a 400m run. I just need to put on the big girl pants and get my butt in there or else my butt is not going to get any smaller or less cottage cheese like. Sorry. Bad visual. I am pretty darn happy being pudgy but I want to stop being pudgy and happy and start striving for healthy and happy. Being obese is NOT healthy for me, and I am not going to change that by saying I'm just too tired today and skipping my WOD because I know darn well if I skip one day that week...I won't go at all.

So a note to myself: Put away your excuses. Suck it up. Get you butt in gear and GO! Also, those cookie dough oreos? Yeah...don't eat those.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our Family WOD

     We had a great time at our family WOD this morning. Although we really didn't get much of a work out in we still had some fun. Roxas was pretty cranky and wasn't too happy about doing any of the workout moves. So, we just had fun goofing around with medicine balls, hanging on the bars and jumping on stuff. I think Roxas might have just been a bit overwhelmed with everything going on but by the end of it he was having a fun time. It was so cool seeing all of the parents having fun getting active with their kids. The kiddos were having a blast doing burpees, squats and bear crawls. It's awesome to see little ones so hyped up and excited to be doing physical activity.
     That's the awesome thing about crossfit, it makes working out pretty fun. It's a game to the kids, let's see who can do the most burpees or lets see who can run the fastest. Those are the kind of games kids should be playing, rather than sitting inside all the time and staring at a tv. Once Roxas gets a bit older I would like to try and get him to crossfit kids. Perhaps over the summer we will have enough time and energy, and Roxas won't be quite so overwhelmed with it all.