Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tasty Tuesday! Turkey Day is Near!


Thanksgiving is upon us, which means we will all be stuffing ourselves to the breaking point and really testing the strength on that pants button. I love Thanksgiving for the food. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of turkey but ham...oh ham how I love you. I also love all the sides. Sweet potatoes are one of my absolute favorites, but nothing tops dessert. I'm one of those people who loves pumpkin and the best part of the fall season: pumpkin everything! So for today's Tasty Tuesday recipe I give you a paleo pumpkin pie!

Paleo Pumpkin Pie
Paleo Pie Crust

     Tonight's WOD was rough. Really rough. I of course modified the ever lovin out of it but it still kicked my butt. The hardest thing I had to do was run. I don't know what my body has against running  but it does not like it. I had horrible asthma when I was really little but thankfully I outgrew it for the most part. It only rears it's ugly head when I run, or have a nasty chest cold. Running is the quickest way to give myself an asthma attack. When I ran track in middle school I was always a short distance runner because anytime my coach tried to make me run a mile I would have an asthma attack right in the last stretch. I have an inhaler but of course I never want to use it because of my stupid ego. I don't want to have asthma, I want normal lungs and bronchus that behave when I exert my self...so if I ignore it then it will go away right?! I will make sure I keep my stupid inhaler with me next time I have to do any running especially because I do kind of like breathing. No matter how much medical knowledge I have and how many attacks I've had I still lose my mind every time. I can't remember how to breathe and the feeling of not being able to move air sends me into a panic. So I guess I'll bring the inhaler.

     Mentally I want to push myself but my body hasn't caught up yet. I did set a personal record for a shoulder press of 55lbs. tonight which made me pretty proud but otherwise I wasn't thrilled with my workout tonight. I just feel like I could have done better. I set unrealistic goals for myself, it's a flaw I have. I just need to work on the patience thing and try to realize I have physical limits. It's not something I enjoy realizing.

I hope you all have a Happy, Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

5 Reasons Moms Should do Crossfit

Moms are totally different in their motivations and goals about fitness. We have a billion extra things to consider compared to the kid free woman. So here are 5 reasons why I think crossfit is perfect for moms.

1) Time: As moms we never have enough time, and the idea of finding enough time in the day to work out is kind of in the same league as finding time to hunt unicorns. The beautiful thing about crossfit though is the time commitment. Minimum three hours a week. That's it. Now, you'll probably want to go more but if you can squeak in for just one hour, three times a week, you will see results. I don't know of any other exercise regimens that are that easy to commit to.

2)The Community: There is a cool element to crossfit and that is the sense of family and community. Everybody encourages and motivates each other to do their best and even if your best is a super scaled down work out you still feel great. Being a stay at home mom can be pretty lonely for me at times and I love that I have a great community of support in my fellow crossfitters. 

3)Functionality: Crossfit is all about functional movements. Those being movements you actually do in real life. It focuses on making your life easier and who doesn't want that!? How many times a day do you squat down to pick up a kid, or errant cheerio? Carry a laundry basket filled to the brim and weighing a ton? Lifting a kid up to a sink, or shelf, or anything? Crossfit has exercises that will help make those things, and so much more, easier.

4) Getting Healthy: There is more to Crossfit than kettle bells, medicine balls and burpees.  Healthy or clean eating is highly encouraged. If you want to do well in your work out and see the best results possible you must provide your body with the best fuel possible. Going back to that community thing, you will have a plethora of support from others who are probably struggling just like you. The best part about getting healthy is knowing you are showing your kids that eating right and exercising is important. You are showing them you value them enough to take steps to keep yourself healthy and around for a long time.

5) The Results: Well I couldn't leave this one off. Crossfit can help you look fantastic. You will lose inches in all the right places while gaining muscle to make your life easier. Don't worry, you won't become some creepy buffed up weirdo lady (I mean, if that's what you want go for it but it's not my cup of tea). You will have a toned, and efficient body that will be sure to boost your own self esteem a bit.

So there you have it. 5 reasons to drink the kool-aid and join crossfit. I know as a mom life can be crazy. But please, please, take the time to work in some exercise and healthy eating habits. Even if it's mot crossfit, get up and do something. You want to be around and healthy for your kids and maybe grandchildren someday.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tasty Tuesday!

     I did my first official WOD today! It wasn't one of the gnarlier workouts but it was still a challenge for sure. I left feeling great though. I felt pretty good about my workout but I'm always anxious to improve and work my way up. Unfortunately my mind goes faster than my body. Part of our workout was doing a type of lift called a clean. I am having a hard time getting my technique down on this one and it's getting pretty frustrating. I know what I want to do but I just can't get my body to cooperate and coordinate. That's the beauty of crossfit though, it incorporates more than just your physical being, your mind is fully engaged too. We are trying to work out what days we can get babysitting arranged and really get into a routine of going to the box at least 3 or 4 times a week.

     Probably one of the harder things I'm working on is my eating habits. I love my junk food and not just candy either I'm talking about the stuff that comes in boxes from my freezer or pantry. I have a pretty strong addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper and I am a habitual snacker. Making the change from eating a boat load of processed food to fresh stuff and being conscious of what I was actually eating has been pretty hard. I am happy to say I have at least made some better choices over this past week. Instead of hitting up a fast food place I decided to go to the grocery store and pick up some chicken to grill at home instead. The allure of the quick convenience food is strong for me. With two kids under two it's a feat for me to eat anything resembling a full meal, let alone actually cook one. It would be so much easier to drive thru some place than go home and cook something. Still, I know the reason for making better choices is to make my life better and I want to show my kids how to make healthier eating choices too. I want to be healthy for my grandchildren and eating McDonalds every other day is not conducive to that outcome.

     So in the spirit of food, I want to officially dub Tuesdays as "Tasty Tuesday's" here on my little blog. I love to snack and finding healthy alternatives to things like potato chips and sugary snacks has been a challenge to me. Sweet potato chips can provide a great alternative to the potato chip and satisfy that snack attack with ease. Thanks to amazingpaleo.com for this great recipe!

Find the recipe here: Amazing Paleo

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Beginning

Where to start? Why the beginning of course. Grab a comfy seat, this is going to be a long one.

     It all started a few years ago when my oldest brother, B, opened a little gym in his garage doing this crazy thing called crossfit. Fast forward to now and B has a booming business and a box (crossfit for gym) with over 200 members! My other older brother, M, is now also a trainer at the box and finally little sis is joining and making it a family affair.

     A little background on me, if you already know me feel free to skip this paragraph. I'm a 23 year old mom with two beautiful little angels, a 20 month old boy and a 3 month old girl. I'm a stay at home mom and a nursing student. Right now I am out of school since I took a semester off to have my daughter. I will be going back to school in January to work towards my RN. I have an amazing husband who supports me in whatever crazy dream I come up with and works hard to provide for his family. He also joined crossfit with me.

     I have never been one to exercise. I ran track in middle school and played a little soccer but that's pretty much it. I have for the most part been pretty happy with how I looked and I really enjoyed eating pretty much any food I wanted, within reason, and not intentionally exercising. I wasn't fit by any means but I looked at least average. My husband would probably object to my description as average but it's true.

     I got pregnant and gained the textbook perfect 25lbs both times. Thanks to the miracles of breastfeeding I lost all of my baby weight plus a good 5-10lbs on top of that. Breastfeeding is the best diet ever by the way. I wasn't overly thrilled with my post 2 kid body but I made my peace with the dark lines across my stomach, the pouchy look of a stretched out belly and the strange new spider veins all over the backs of my legs.

     I had known about my brother's crazy cult as I affectionately call it. Honestly my opinion of crossfitters was one of "there is something very wrong with you people". I was happy for my brother and the success of his gym but it just didn't seem like it was for me. After all I thought eating cake out of a bucket was and OK dessert.

     Then I went to watch both of my brothers as well as some of the crossfit crew compete in a competition. That's when I realized it. I wanted to do that. Maybe I had some kind of stroke, who knows, but I wanted to do crossfit. I dream of one day being able to compete with my brothers, I don't know if that will ever happen but it's a high goal I have. So when I got home I signed up for the orientation at the box and drank the kool-aid.

    The first workout we did was brutal. The most I exercise in one given day involves running around after a toddler, which is a lot but nothing compared to a crossfit workout. I left the box feeling spent, and a little like throwing up. Then I got home and that exercise high kicked in. I caught the bug. I wanted to go back for more. Maybe there is something crazy about crossfitters...we repeatedly come back for brutally intense workouts over and over and over. It feels SO good though. When that clock counts down you just go for it and it's a crazy rush as you mentally and physically push boundaries you have never been close to before. There is nothing like it.

     It's been a week since I joined the crossfit cult and I'm completely in love. I can't wait to keep on trying to better myself. The best part is I'm creating a better, stronger, and more efficient me. I decided to start this blog to chronicle my life as a new crossfit mom. I know a lot of moms who want to get healthier and become more fit but just don't know where to start. That was me. I knew I wanted to be healthier but I just didn't know where to begin so I ignored it and settled for being content. Well, I've finally woken up and believe me...if I can do it...so can you!