Wednesday, May 14, 2014


First and foremost: I PASSED THIRD SEMESTER!! Yes, I yelled that at you. I do that.

Hallelujah, I'm done with third semester and I am on to my fourth and final semester of nursing school before taking the biggest test of my life: the NCLEX. Then I will have two little letters after my name that represent blood, sweat, tears, more tears, and plenty of hard and exhausting work. Registered Nurse. 16 weeks and one test stand between me and those two little letters.

So, now I am done with school for three months. That means it's time to get my butt back in gear and head to the box! My first day back was yesterday. It was tough. Oh good grief it was TOUGH. The WOD was Helen. Pardon my French but Helen is a mean, mean, sneaky bitch. For those of you unfamiliar with Helen the workout for me (it was modified of course) was three rounds for time of: 200m run, 21 8kg kettle bell swings and then 12 ring rows. I felt like dying, throwing up and then dying again, but I made it. I finished my first WOD in three months! It. Was. AWESOME. I forgot how energized and well...high...a good kick your butt kind of WOD can make you feel. Gotta love endorphins.

I am planning on doing at least 3 days a week. I am working as an extern at the hospital but thankfully it is only two 12hr shifts a week and I set my own schedule. I'm going to attempt to do the 5:00am WOD since it would work great with Kenny's work schedule. I can get up, work out and then be back home and showered before the kids are up and Kenny leaves for work. I'm hoping anyways.

I'm sad to say my eating habits have slipped in my three month hiatus. I've still stayed away from the boxed junk in the grocery store BUT I'm sad to admit fast food has become a pretty big part of my diet. Hey, when you just endured a clinical day after a lecture day after working a day you just don't feel like cooking! I am taking part in the Crossfit Moms "Real Food Challenge" and it's been so exciting getting back to eating better. This morning we kicked it off with deeeeeeee-licious paleo pancakes and fresh, organic, boysenberries from my own garden! They were so easy and quick to make. Can't wait to make even more amazing and good for you dishes.

We are planning a trip to Colorado in the middle of June and I am SO excited to have found not just one but TWO crossfit gyms to hopefully drop in on and get a WOD in. I have always wanted to be able to experience different styles from different gyms. I'm hoping to stop in at a box in New Mexico and one in Colorado. Should be a ton of fun!

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