Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Cavewoman with a Sweet Tooth

I am addicted to sugar. Seriously. I had NO idea how addicted I was until I started evaluating what I ate all the time. A certain better half of mine likes to poke fun at me because if there is chocolate in our house it will not last more than a few days, if it's lucky. I may also be known for eating an entire container of Ben & Jerry's from time to time.

I've been seeking out ways to get my sweet tooth fix without resorting to my good buddies Ben and Jerry all the time. So I've found a few recipes that have really helped satisfy my sweet cravings without derailing my diet changes. Of course these are still treats, in that just because they are paleo does not mean I get to stuff my face with sweet stuff all the time. These are just ways to make my treats at least a little better for me.

So far I've found a wonderful recipe for blueberry muffins and I just tried this great one for key lime bars! I got a whole bunch of blueberries and limes from my bountiful baskets this last order so I've been looking for inventive ways to use them.

The muffins were awesome, nice and crumbly with a nice texture despite the dense almond flour base. I would only change one thing next time: less cinnamon. The recipe calls for quite a bit and I would probably backed off a little. Click HERE for the recipe!

The key lime bars were something I have never made before, paleo or not. I wasn't sure how I would like them but they are really tasty. I think maybe next time I will add a little spice to the crust just for a bit more flavor. I used fresh squeezed lime juice and it really comes through in the flavor. These I will for sure be making again. Click HERE for the recipe!

Tonight I also made a nice sweet potato and bacon soup for lunch tomorrow, so I will have to let you know how that turned out. It smelled lovely and the few tastes I had of it as it was cooking were great.

I know some might say sweet potatoes are not paleo but really I don't consider my food choices to be strict paleo by any means. I call it paleo-esque. I try to just stick to the real, whole foods that don't need a label to be identified. Well except when the store has like 8 different types of sweet potatoes and yams, those I need labels for.

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