Sunday, November 24, 2013

5 Reasons Moms Should do Crossfit

Moms are totally different in their motivations and goals about fitness. We have a billion extra things to consider compared to the kid free woman. So here are 5 reasons why I think crossfit is perfect for moms.

1) Time: As moms we never have enough time, and the idea of finding enough time in the day to work out is kind of in the same league as finding time to hunt unicorns. The beautiful thing about crossfit though is the time commitment. Minimum three hours a week. That's it. Now, you'll probably want to go more but if you can squeak in for just one hour, three times a week, you will see results. I don't know of any other exercise regimens that are that easy to commit to.

2)The Community: There is a cool element to crossfit and that is the sense of family and community. Everybody encourages and motivates each other to do their best and even if your best is a super scaled down work out you still feel great. Being a stay at home mom can be pretty lonely for me at times and I love that I have a great community of support in my fellow crossfitters. 

3)Functionality: Crossfit is all about functional movements. Those being movements you actually do in real life. It focuses on making your life easier and who doesn't want that!? How many times a day do you squat down to pick up a kid, or errant cheerio? Carry a laundry basket filled to the brim and weighing a ton? Lifting a kid up to a sink, or shelf, or anything? Crossfit has exercises that will help make those things, and so much more, easier.

4) Getting Healthy: There is more to Crossfit than kettle bells, medicine balls and burpees.  Healthy or clean eating is highly encouraged. If you want to do well in your work out and see the best results possible you must provide your body with the best fuel possible. Going back to that community thing, you will have a plethora of support from others who are probably struggling just like you. The best part about getting healthy is knowing you are showing your kids that eating right and exercising is important. You are showing them you value them enough to take steps to keep yourself healthy and around for a long time.

5) The Results: Well I couldn't leave this one off. Crossfit can help you look fantastic. You will lose inches in all the right places while gaining muscle to make your life easier. Don't worry, you won't become some creepy buffed up weirdo lady (I mean, if that's what you want go for it but it's not my cup of tea). You will have a toned, and efficient body that will be sure to boost your own self esteem a bit.

So there you have it. 5 reasons to drink the kool-aid and join crossfit. I know as a mom life can be crazy. But please, please, take the time to work in some exercise and healthy eating habits. Even if it's mot crossfit, get up and do something. You want to be around and healthy for your kids and maybe grandchildren someday.

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